Jeff Bevan
Landscape and Nature Photographs from around Somerset

Rest of the Levels

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Reflection in flood - Glastonbury, Somerset Glastonbury Tor from Deerleap - Somerset Sunrise through the plough - The Levels, Somerset Starlings Sky- Shapwick Heath, Somerset Shapwick Sunset - Shapwick Heath, Somerset Glastonbury Tor Sunrise - Ham Wall, Somerset During a freezing morning on the Somerset Levels I my have missed the Starlings but the sunrise drew fingers of light on the under side of the clouds - Ham Wall, Somerset Ham Wall sunrise reflected in the frozen lake - Ham Wall, Somerset Thousands of Starlings rise in a single mass from the reed beds of the Somerset Levels - Ham Wall, Somerset Reedbed sunset or making the most of my time whilst waiting for the Starlings to arrive - Shapwick Heath, Somerset Buttercup field on the Somerset Levels - Somerset Reflection in flood - Glastonbury, Somerset Flooded fields on the Somerset Levels - Glastonbury, Somerset The reed beds of the Somerset Levels - Ham Wall The Tor on an winters morning from the Meare Heath hide, Shapwick. Sunrise plough - Glastonbury, Somerset