Brand new marketing and membership website.

Major development of a brand new site to support the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Members inPractice. I had full design control over the website including: the new logo, branding and site structure; provision of secure membership features to be funded by subscriptions.

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Logo and Artwork

I designed to logo around the YMA letters and the face of a wise owl. A focus on business people required a host of graphical characters to give the site its unique human feel.

Site Structure

I structured the site around 6 key areas of expertise: Information, Identify Risks, Communication, Strategy, Planning and External Reporting.

Membership Profiles

Membership Profiles

Members build a profile and gain access to online resources including promotions and training courses. Add downloads to your profile to market yourself to visitors.

Find and Accountant

Search the YMA database to find a management accountant in your area with the skills you need.

Technical Stuff

Responsive Design

Responsive design using the Zurb Foundation providing support from mobile, tablet and desktop include IE7. YMA was built with small devices as a priority, and went up from there. The SASS preprocessor providing CSS styling.

Secure User Management System

Role based access to the site's resources controlled using a fully open source PHP framework. Allowing a system administrator to create roles, assign roles to members then control the resource access for those roles. Members can reset their own passwords, or request a new password. Administrators can reset member passwords and delete suspect accounts.


Membership side, contact and login pages accessed via an SSL connection. Access controls using the Apache webserver provides a second level of control on top of User Management System. Public side contact forms protected using Google reCaptcha. Form data fields validated by PHP on server including cookie and referrer checks. Profile content checked using HTML Purifier a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP.


Your Management Accountant aimed to achieve compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Successful compliance to these guidelines can be conformed at three different levels: AAA (the best), AA and A. YMA was assessed against at all three levels, the goal was to achieve compliance sufficient for level A. This was exceeded in many of the 300+ criteria.


Cookie control in compliance with EU Cookie Law using CookieCuttr. Privacy policy available online and for download. Terms and Conditions document prepared using Free Net Law. Accessibility policy and compliance to WCAG 2.0 and W3C validation standards.

Tools and Technologies

JavaScript, JQuery Plugins, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Sequel Pro, Aptana Studio, PhpStorm, FireBug, MAMP, Sitemap Automator. Google Analytics, Sitemap XML, Robot Txt, HT Access, PhotoShop, ArtBoard, Favicons, Apple touch graphics. SEO Guidelines. HTML5 Microdata generation. Integration with Wordpress RSS feeds. PDF generation using FPDF.

And Finally... Installation Scripts and Unit Tests

Testing on BrowserStack focused on browser compatibility and responsive behaviour. It provides instant access to all desktop and mobile browsers. Extensive unit tests covering site functionality and critical protection such as SQL injection attacks.

BrowserStack Testing