Jeff Bevan
Landscape and Nature Photographs from around Somerset

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Misty morning at Lynchcombe - Somerset Mendip Wall - Priddy, Somerset Mendip Wall - Priddy, Somerset Mendip Wall and Sycamores - Cooks Fields, Somerset, Uk. New Wall - Cooks Fields, Somerset The old stone wall - Lynchcombe, Somerset Gate - Wavering Down, Somerset White Wall - Mendip Hills, Somerset Lynchcombe Sycamores - From Deerleap, Somerset Black Rock Gateway - Somerset Lynchcombe Wall - Somerset Stone Wall - Wavering Down, Somerset Old wall - North Hill, Mendip Hills, Somerset Dry-stone wall in winter - Priddy, Somerset A cold frosty moring on the Mendip Hills - Priddy, Somerset Dry stone wall - Priddy, Somerset