Jeff Bevan
Landscape and Nature Photographs from around Somerset

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Outcrop Tree- Deerleap, Somerset The Deerleap Tree - Somerset The Deerleap Tree - Somerset Mist over Wookey - Somerset Deerleap Tree Deerleap Tree Lynchcombe Sycamores - From Deerleap, Somerset Deerleap Tree Day 2 - Mendips, Somerset Deerleap Tree Day 1 - Mendips, Somerset Deerleap Stone - The levels in winter from Deerleap, Somerset Winter fog climbs up the Combe - The view soon disappears as the fog climbs up Lynchcombe, Somerset Mist over the Levels - From Deerleap, Somerset Picnic Site - Deerleap, Somerset The Horse - Deerleap, Somerset A winter morning a the Deerleap picnic site - Mendip Hills, Somerset Deep frost at the picnic site - Deerleap, Somerset